POA Network
POA Network (POA)
Market capitalization: 215 229 865
Rank # 40 | Coin not mineable
0.984204 2.73%
Volume (24h): 2 687 686
Circulating Supply: 256 554 430 POA
Max Supply: 0 POA
POA Network (Overview)

Poa Network is a public sidechain based on the Ethereum protocol. The blockchain will feature the Proof-of-Authority algorithm, which does not depend on the nodes solving mathematical problems, but instead uses a set of "authorities", pre-selected validators that will be able to seal the blocks and secure the network. The validators identity will be public enabling any third party to check their identity.

The Poa Network will allow organizations to build their own networks with their own validators and developers to deploy DApps.

Hashing Algorithm Proof-of-Authority
Block Time 5
Available/Total Supply 218 685 310 / 256 554 430