Ergo (EFYT)
Market capitalization: 80 189 284
Rank # 301 | Coin not mineable
1.37 0.53%
Volume (24h): 307 971
Circulating Supply: 59 756 145 EFYT
Max Supply: 97 739 924 EFYT
Ergo (Overview)

Ergo will be a brand new and unique, decentralized Proof-of-Work blockchain platform with state-of-art efficiency and a new transactional language. Ergo aims to fix the most pressing issues in the cryptosphere such as scalability and centralization, while offering multiple improvements. Ergo will use a proof system known as PoPoW or “Proofs of Proof of Work”.

The EFYT(Ergo First Year Tokens) token is an asset issued on the Waves platform and it is backed by the Ergo tokens which will be destributed to holders of the EFYT.

Genesis Date February 07, 2017
Hashing Algorithm
Block Time 0
Available/Total Supply 58 638 426 / 59 756 145