carVertical (CV)
Market capitalization: 1 028 429
Rank # 1363 | Coin not mineable
0.000135 2.55%
Volume (24h): 18 421
Circulating Supply: 9 835 745 292 CV
Max Supply: 9 904 435 614 CV
carVertical (Overview)

CarVertical is a blockchain-based vehicle history registry. The CarVertical will allow the network users to register their vehicles on the blockchain as a property and by installing a miner into the vehicle OBD slot (On-Board Diagnostics) generate a stream of real-time information that will be used to calculate the real value of the vehicle. In order to calculate the real value of a certain vehicle, the CarVertical team will use machine learning and advanced mathematical models. Furthermore, the CarVertical will feature a wallet that will serve as a gateway to most of their services, including the car's registration and maintenance records previously mentioned, and also perform insurance or technical inspection tasks.

CarVertical token (CV) is an ERC-20 token that will be used to reward the network users that provide information about the vehicle.

Genesis Date October 12, 2017
Hashing Algorithm
Block Time 0
Available/Total Supply 7 625 478 192 / 9 835 745 292